How to Pay


How to pay with Credit Card / Paypal

Payment by credit card available via our Paypal Credit Card Accepted,  please click order button for credit card paypal payment or checkout/buynow
(Remarks :  our customer no need to have any account with paypal)

Accept payments for goods and services with cards VISA, MASTERCARD and for the security of your credit card information our Siam Florist Shop has partnered with Bank of Commerce Branch. 
In an Internet payment service. VISA and MASTERCARD for card holders of all banks (except cards VISA Electron) when the data of your credit card is approved, you will receive Email notification Order detail from our website. Or other services


How to pay with Bank Transfer :

The customer can transfer to our Bank Account as detail

Bankok Bank  088-3-00188-5  Name   Siamflorist. com Co.,Ltd.

SiamCommercial Bank  301-2-64811-9  Name Siamflorist. com Co.,Ltd.


Also, after you have already done, please confirm the slips for bank trasfer document send to us by e-mail at :

or our line ID :   @flowerthailand